Lynkup Transport Corp thrives on making sure every aspect of your transportation and rideshare needs are meet with the highest regards. With the ability to schedule your ride out weeks in advance, Lynkup will make sure that we are there for you. Lynkup Transport's price vary on where your destination is, but our promise to you is that we will beat any price out there. Lynkup proudly serves Abilene. But we have daily trips available for Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and much more.
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Special Ops Trucking, Towing, and Recovery

Special Ops Trucking, Towing, and Recovery's primary mission is to provide timely, efficient, and affordable towing service for motorists, emergency roadside assistance, equipment transports, long-haul trucking, and more. Special Ops takes pride in the response time and professionalism of our services. From providing roadside assistance to country-wide transportation, Special Ops Trucking, Towing, and Recovery's mission is to complete the mission. Operating 24/7 out of Abilene, Texas within a 150-mile operation radius. Special Ops is proud to offer the most competitive rates in the area. Don't just trust any tow company when you need help, call Special Ops. It is our mission to be the best!
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Lynkup Hauling & Junk Removal

Lynkup Hauling and Junk Removal services is proud to partner with the Abilene community and our local businesses in a push to make not just Abilene but do our part in making Texas beautiful. If you may need our services, please give us a call at (325) 283-2511 or send us an email to junkremoval@lynkuptc.com today. We provide a free estimate either in person or through images emailed to us. No job is too small nor too big for Lynkup Hauling and Junk Removal.
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Lynkup Paratransit Services

Our wheelchair accessible vehicles are fully equipped in order to cater to our guests who are in a wheelchair. Lynkup's Ford Transit van comes loaded with the ability to carry two wheelchairs and sit three comfortably at the same time. The vehicle is equipped with an ADA certified wheelchair lift. Lynkup's Honda Odyssey van comes fully loaded with room for a wheelchair and two others. This van is the definition of fully loaded with a DVD player for those longer transports. Our drivers are CPR certified.
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Lynkup Delivery

Delivering your packages or food delivery is our top priority but delivering them with the contents still intact and inside the package makes it so much sweeter. Lynkup takes pride in making sure your package or food delivery is safely and securely delivered to its destination.
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Tick Tock Marketing

Tick Tock Multimedia Marketing is ready to work with your company no matter the size of your company. We can aid in creating a new marketing platform to creating and designing shirts or flyers.
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Lynkup IT Support

Lynkup IT Support and Computer Repair is ready to assist you on anything IT related you may need. From running virus and malware scans to building custom computers. Lynkup IT Support and Computer Repairs is ready to help. Give us a call today or send us an email at it@lynkuptc.com.
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Serving Abilene, Texas, and surrounding areas. Offering rideshare, delivery, towing services, and much more.

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